Terra State Community College has been serving our community for over 55 years. It is truly inspiring how much we have grown and continued to serve our community by providing quality, affordable educational experiences.

If you have a story to share, please contact marketing@ctsprofessional.com. We would love to have record of any memories about Terra State.

Our Presidents

Roy W. Klay, President 1968-1978

It is exciting to realize that seldom in a lifetime does one have the opportunity to participate in the birth of a new concept in education for a community.”

President Roy W. Klay


Richard M. Simon, President 1979 -1993

President Richard M. Simon

 Charlotte J. Lee, President 1993 -2003

President Charlotte J. Lee

Dr. Marsha S. Bordner, President 2003 - 2012

President Marsha S. Bordner

Dr. Jerome E. Webster, President 2012 - 2018

President Jerome E. Webster

Dr. Ronald Schumacher, President 2018 - current

President Ronald Schumacher